Kit Review: Superior Fencing "16th C. HEMA Jacket 800 N"

Kit Review: Superior Fencing "16th C. HEMA Jacket 800 N"

These jackets have become pretty much the standard jackets of my club and, at the last count, I think over half of our club members now use them. As far as I can see they also seem to be very common throughout the Australian clubs as well. However, most of the orders for our Club have taken place as collective efforts and one observation is that it definitely seems like Superior Fencing handles these larger orders better than an individual order (see below).

One thing to observe about Superior Fencing is that they seem to have designs that are surprisingly similar to other designs on the market but better made and with better touches. Possibly this is an advantage of making each one individually, they can better incorporate upgrades and improvements as they go. This jacket reminds me of a Neyman Fencing Renaissance jacket but it has improvements like ventilation grommets etc.

Finally, I've had this jacket for 5 mon…

It's not just about the techniques

"It's not enough to study just the techniques from whatever source we're working on but also to try to reconstruct a workable pedagogy for learning it" - Pradana Pandu Mahardhika

Anonimo Bolognese says be absolutely merciless

"The true virtue of this art consists in being intimidating, and in possessing such ferocity
as to appear to be on fire, with fierceness and absolute mercilessness in your countenance. Every slightest motion you make must exude a craving for delivering cruel blows; when you approach the opponent with such fierceness, you will completely wipe out his self-possession.” “Move in such a way as to give him the impression that every gesture from you carries the potential for inflicting a crippling wound. Make your attacks so cruel and violent that even the slightest blow is enough to fill the opponent with dread. In this art, you need to act and have the countenance of the cruelest of lions or the angriest of bears. Actually it wouldn't be a bad thing if you could make yourself look like a great devil and act like you wanted to whisk away his soul.”
Anonimo Bolognese, translation by Stephen Fratus

It's no Art.

"It's no art to perform a textbook technique in a textbook situation. The Art is to spot an opportunity in a messy sparring/fighting conditions." 
Anton Kohutovič

HEMA Hack: Self cleaning sword scabbard

A simple hack idea this one. So, I'm assuming that everyone keeps their swords in plastic tubes? If you don't, you should. They're cheap, they're light and they stop your swords getting bent out of shape when you transport them. You can pick them up at the hardware store for around $7 here in New Zealand and they're already the right length.

This is a little idea to improve the storage of sword in these tubes. The goal is to create a self-cleaning and superior storage environment.

Firstly, cut out a piece of sponge about a 1/4 again as large as the hole in the pipe. Then stab a hole through the middle. Next glue it securely into the mouth of your pipe. That's it. Now soak the sponge in 3 in 1 or the oil of your choice.

The result is that every time I draw or sheath my sword it gets a light coat of oil and hopefully takes any of the dust/finger oil I've missed off the blade.

The final step in this hack is too throw in a bunch of the silica moisture absorber p…

HEMA expectations

"The volunteers of HEMA, those of us who execute and not just ideate, have had two primary goals in mind:
1. Foster HEMA as a culture and a community across the globe, based on passion for the arts and compassion for each other.
2. Build HEMA as a collection of arts that will endure through time, just as the Asian Martial Arts have."

This is mostly some thoughts sparked by this article.

Are the bulk of HEMA participants really that internationalist in outlook?
Firstly a minor quibble, I'm pretty sure that the bulk of the "volunteers of HEMA" that do things and don't just "ideate" are probably not that internationalist in outlook. The people, in my experiece, who worry the most about the big picture and the "HEMA Community" tend to be those who ideate.

For those doers you could probably, more accurately, replace these goals with:

1. Foster a culture and community in your club, your city and possibly your country based on a passion for the art…

The pre-fencing

The Zufechten is the phase for setting up attacks, seeing openings and generally preparing our win, but if you want to fence from the Nach it’s also the time to show the opponent the openings you want them to attack into, to prepare your counter ahead of time, and to make them uncomfortable enough that they’ll throw a poorly executed attack that will be easier to defend.